Dedicated To Protecting Your Civil Rights

If you are treated unfairly by law enforcement, you need to act quickly to ensure your civil rights are protected. Ramone Law Firm, PLLC, is dedicated to defending those in White Plains and across the greater New York City area when their rights were infringed upon by law enforcement.

Whether you were the victim of excessive force or violence, have been wrongfully arrested or are facing malicious prosecution, you deserve a civil rights litigation attorney who will aggressively fight to ensure you are treated fairly under the law.

Excessive Force And Violence

While it is the duty of law enforcement to uphold the law, they can often take unlawful measures to do so — including using excessive force or violence. My firm believes that every citizen is innocent until proven guilty, and nobody deserves to be treated violently by our police force.

Wrongful Arrest

An arrest can have a devastating impact, especially if you have not committed the crime. Those wrongfully arrested are often treated unfairly by law enforcement, and may not be given the fair chance to defend themselves. If you have been arrested for a crime you have not committed, don't speak to law enforcement — call a qualified attorney immediately to ensure you are treated fairly.

Malicious Prosecution

In this country, everybody is entitled to a fair trial. While it is the prosecutor's job to prove your guilt, many times they go too far. If you feel like you are being maliciously targeted by a prosecutor, you need to make a civil rights claim before your case closes to ensure you receive fair treatment under the law.

You Can't Afford To Wait — Call Today

If you believe you have a civil rights claim, you need to consult in a lawyer immediately. If you wait until your case is over, it may be too late. There are often strict time limitations on when you are able to file notice of a claim, so you need to take immediate steps to ensure your human and civil rights are protected.

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