Thoroughly Investigating Your Personal Injury Claim

Serious accidents deserve a serious personal injury lawyer to fight for maximum compensation from those responsible. At Ramone Law Firm, PLLC, I personally investigate your case to ensure you receive the compensation you need to achieve a full and healthy recovery. When investigating and litigating these claims, there is no such thing as too thorough or too aggressive — you need an accident attorney who will put your case first and fight for your interests.

I am Simon Q. Ramone, and through my firm in White Plains I have represented numerous clients in the greater New York City region with injuries and accidents such as:

Finding Out Who Is Responsible

When you don't know who is responsible for your injuries, my firm is committed to thoroughly investigating your accident to determine who is most at fault. With many on-the-job accidents, an experienced attorney can help you determine whether the injury was due to your employer's negligence or that of a third party — which is critical in determining what compensation you can receive, and whether you have a personal injury case or a workers' compensation claim.

Helping You Pay Your Medical Bills

You are already suffering due to another party's actions; you shouldn't have to pay for them further. This injury could be financially devastating, putting you out of work and leaving you with overwhelming medical debt. At Ramone Law Firm, PLLC, I work to get you full compensation for any medical treatment or rehabilitation, as well as any payment for lost wages as a result of your injuries.

There is no risk to get started. You don't pay attorney's fees unless I get you a settlement or favorable verdict. Call 800-547-3956 to schedule a free confidential consultation, or reach out online to get started.