Fighting For Your Recovery In Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can be severe, and can lead to high medical bills and lost wages from your recovery. Construction sites are complicated, as they involve not only the construction company, but the owner of the property, management, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors. Ramone Law Firm, PLLC, helps you determine who (if anybody) is at fault for your injury, so you can hold them accountable.

Do You Have A Case?

Depending on the incident, you may have a workers' compensation claim rather than a personal injury case. And in some instances, you may have both. Every case is unique, and each begins with a thorough investigation to determine who was responsible for your injury.

There are several sections of New York labor law that dictate who is responsible for injuries that occur on construction sites. Section 240 is known as the scaffold law, as it protects workers injured in falls from ladders and scaffolding or those struck by a falling object. Any worker injured in this way generally has a claim against owners, construction companies, contractors and project managers for their injuries.

Section 241 of the labor code outlines the specific equipment and rules regarding safety that must be adhered to on construction sites. Should an employer, contractor or manager deviate from these rules, they are generally liable for any injuries that result.

There are instances where these codes do not apply, such as independent contract work on a small residential property. Regardless of your case, an experienced lawyer can determine who is responsible, and work with the proper insurance companies and parties to secure you the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

An Experienced Attorney Can Answer All Your Questions

Every accident is unique and deserves a tailored legal approach. Schedule a free consultation in White Plains to discuss your injury and to begin investigating your case. You don't pay unless I secure you compensation for your injuries. Call 800-547-3956 to get started, or send your information online.