Helping You Recover From A Dog Bite

Animal bites can lead to significant injuries and high medical bills. The laws surrounding dog bites, however, can be confusing — and could limit the compensation you are eligible to receive. With counsel from an experienced dog bites attorney, you can fight to receive payment for all forms of damages that resulted from your attack.

At Ramone Law Firm, PLLC, we vigorously represent personal injury victims to maximize their compensation and promote a full and healthy recovery. If you have been injured by a dog bite or other animal bite, contact my firm today to begin investigating your case.

What New York's "One-Bite Rule" Means For You

When you or a pet gets attacked by someone else's animal, the owner has to pay for your medical expenses. But if this is the first time that animal has attacked somebody, you are often not eligible to claim any further damages. This is called the one-bite rule.

Typically, to claim other forms of damages in a dog bite injury, you need to show that the dog had the tendency to bite people, or has bitten somebody before, and the owner knew about it. If this is not the first offense, or if the owner was aware such an injury could occur due to the dog's general behavior, you could have grounds to pursue further claims. Regardless, however, you are often unable to pursue claims of negligence against dog owners for animal bites.

These Injuries May Be Serious — Call Today

No matter the circumstances surrounding your case, a qualified personal injury lawyer can thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your injury to ensure it falls under the one-bite rule. Your injuries could be serious; you need an advocate to fight for the recovery you deserve. Call my office in White Plains today at 800-547-3956 to schedule a free initial consultation, or reach out online to get started.